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Sustainable Development Goals of Zimbabwe

In 2015-2016, Zimbabwe was hit with an El Nino-induced drought. This drought, on top of an already relatively unstable government and economy, left "over 4 million people food insecure, 51 percent of whom are women," negatively impacting the growth of the economy with price instability and a steady food supply for the people. El Nino-induced droughts are not uncommon in Zimbabwe, as another one hit in August 2018. Therefore, the UN measures to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the country are necessary for present and future sustainable development. The primary focus is on SDGs 1 and 2 and enabling goals 3, 5, and 9. SDG 1 is to end poverty. Some initiatives that the government has taken include the launch of an Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (IPRSP) and the National Social Protection Policy Framework (NSPPF), both to reduce poverty. SDG 2 is to achieve food security and nutrition, eventually hoping to end hunger. "The government with support from the UN recently introduced the zero-hunger strategy. Interventions in the agricultural sector have been aligned to the principles of the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP)." SDG 3 is to improve public health. The government has developed the "National Health Strategy for Zimbabwe 2016-2020 which seeks to achieve ‘Equity and Quality in Health: Leaving no one behind,’" enforced stricter tobacco control laws, and created HIV response initiatives. SDG 5 is to achieve gender equality and women empowerment. Some policies put in place include: the National Gender Policy (NGP), the Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC), "a special electoral quota system to increase women’s representation in Parliament to at least 30 percent," and "a judgement outlawing marriage of persons below the age of 18 years." SDG 9 is to develop infrastructure to improve industrialization, such as improving water and sewerage infrastructure, expanding power stations, and upgrading the Victoria Falls Airport.
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