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MIT Press Series on Global Accord


Series on Global Environmental Accord: 
Strategies for Sustainability

The Series provides the intellectual logic and rationale for the Consortium on Global Accords for Sustainable Development (known as the Global Accords Consortium). The core mission of the Consortium is to "reduce the gap between Knowledge and Policy". Membership from (a) institutions of science and technology, (b) business and industry, and (c) governance and governments provides a holistic perspective on global dilemmas. 

The series develops the analytical and theoretical underpinnings crucial to understanding and implementing effective decision-making approaches to managing the global environment. It adopts an integrated perspective on national, international, cross-border, and cross-jurisdictional problems, priorities, and purposes. 

Of particular interest are works that address broad theoretical questions concerning the development of sustainable global policies or that address paradigm transformation issues, from the perspectives of states and nongovernmental organizations.

Current Series Titles

Nazli Choucri, ed., 
Global Accord: Environmental Challenges and International Responses, 1993

Jonathan A. Fox and L. David Brown, eds., 
The Struggle for Accountability: The World Bank, NGOS, and Grassroots Movements, 1998

Ronie Garcia-Johnson, 
Exporting Environmentalism: U.S. Multinational Chemical Corporations in Brazil and Mexico, 2000

Peter M. Haas, Robert O. Keohane and Marc A. Levy, eds., 
Institutions for the Earth: Sources of Effective International Environmental Protection, 1993

Robert O. Keohane and Marc A. Levy, eds.,
Institutions for Environmental Aid: Pitfalls and Promise, 1996

Karen T. Litfin, ed., 
The Greening of Sovereignty in World Politics, 1998

Ronald B. Mitchell,
Intentional Oil Pollution at Sea: Environmental Policy and Treaty Compliance, 1994

Mostafa K. Tolba, with Iwona Rummel-Bulska, 
Global Environmental Diplomacy: Negotiating Environmental Agreements for the World, 1973-1992, 2008

David G. Victor, Kal Raustiala, and Eugene B. Skolnikoff, eds.,
The Implementation and Effectiveness of International Environmental Commitments: Theory and Practice, 1998

Edith Brown Weiss and Harold K. Jacobson, eds., 
Engaging Countries: Strengthening Compliance with International Environmental Accords, 1998

Oran R. Young, ed., 
Global Governance Drawing Insights from the Environmental Experience, 1997

Tamar L. Gutner, 
Banking on the Environment: Multilateral Development Banks and Their Environmental Performance in Central and Eastern Europe, 2002

Corey L. Lofdahl, 
Environmental Impacts of Globalization and Trade: A Systems Study, 2002

Edward L. Miles, Arild Underdal, Steinar Andresen, Jorgen Wettestad, Tora Skodvin and Elaine M. Carlin, 
Environmental Regime Effectiveness: Confronting Theory with Evidence, 2001

Oran R. Young, 
The Institutional Dimensions of Environmental Change: Fit, Interplay, and Scale, 2002

Urs Luterbacher and Detlef F. Sprinz (Eds.), 
International Relations and Global Climate Change, 2001

Lasse Ringius, 
Radioactive Waste Disposal at Sea: Public Ideas, Transnational Policy Entrepreneurs, and Environmental Regimes, 2000

Robert G. Darst, 
Smokestack Diplomacy: Cooperation and Conflict in East-West Environmental Politics, 2001

Erika Weinthal, 
State Making and Environmental Cooperation: Linking Domestic and International Politics in Central Asia, 2001 

Liliana B. Andonova, 
Transnational Politics of the Environment: The European Union and Environmental Policy in Central and Eastern Europe, 2003

Oran R. Young, ed., 
The Effectiveness of International Environmental Regimes: Causal Connections and Behavioral Mechanisms, 1999

David L. Levy and Peter J. Newell, eds.,
The Business of Global Environmental Governance, 2004

Dennis Pirages and Ken Cousins, eds.,
From Resource Scarcity to Ecological Security: Exploring New Limits to Growth, 2005

Ken Conca,
Governing Water: Contentious Transnational Politics and Global Institution Building, 2005

Sebastian Oberthür and Thomas Gehring, eds.,
Institutional Interaction in Global Environmental Governance: Synergy and Conflict among International and EU Policies, 2006

Ronald B. Mitchell, William C. Clark, David W. Cash, and Nancy M. Dickson, eds.,
Global Environmental Assessments: Information and Influence, 2006

Helmut Breitmeier, Oran R. Young, and Michael Zürn, 
Analyzing International Environmental Regimes: From Case Study to Database, 2006

J. Timmons Roberts and Bradley C. Parks,
A Climate of Injustice: Global Inequality, North-South Politics, and Climate Policy, 2006

Saleem H. Ali, ed.,
Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution, 2007

D. G. Webster,
Adaptive Governance: The Dynamics of Atlantic Fisheries Management, 2008