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Stabilizing Measures for Localized Crisis Situations

Adopted at the 49th Plenary Meeting of the Special Committee of the CSCE Forum for Security Co-operation in Vienna, Austria, where member states established stabilizing measures for conflict prevention, crisis management, and peaceful dispute settlement, supplementing the framework set out in Chapter III of the Helsinki Document from 1992. Provides a catalogue for localized crisis situations, outlining the concept and principles of application for political support from other states. With regards to transparency measures, the catalogue covers extraordinary information exchange, notification of certain military activities, and notification of plans for acquisition and deployment of major weapon and equipment systems. Under constraint measures, the catalogue assesses introduction and support of a cease-fire, establishment of demilitarized zones, cessation of military flights, deactivation of certain weapon systems, treatment of irregular forces, and constraints on certain military activities. For measures to reinforce confidence, the catalogue reviews public statements on relevant matters, observation of certain military activities, liaison teams, establishment of direct lines of communication, joint expert teams in support of crisis management, and joint co-ordination commissions or teams. For measures for compliance monitoring and evaluation, the catalogue covers data evaluation provided under extraordinary information exchange, inspections, observation of compliance with demilitarized zones, heavy weapons verification, challenge inspections, and aerial observation regime.