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OSCE Document on Stockpiles of Conventional Ammunition

Adopted at the 407th Plenary Meeting of the OSCE Forum in 2003, where member states built upon the Framework for Arms Control of Decision No. 8/96 by the Forum for Security Co-operation (FSC) in order to respond to security needs in the area. Establishes a practical procedure for addressing stockpiles of conventional ammunition, explosive material, and detonating devises in surplus and/or awaiting destruction, which include: ammunition for small arms and light weapons (SALW); ammunition for major weapon and equipment systems, including missiles; rockets; landmines and other types of mines; and other conventional ammunition, explosive material, and detonating devises. Establishes indicators for identifying a surplus, assessing whether a surplus is a risk, and whether external assistance is needed. Sets procedural guidelines for requesting financial, informational, and military assistance of the OSCE community in addressing the risk of the presence of stockpiles and includes a model questionnaire for a requesting state and an assisting state. Includes an illustration of the assistance request procedure and Decision No. 3/11 regarding the destruction of conventional ammunition.