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Extension Agents’ Perceptions of Sustainable Agriculture in the Riyadh Region of Saudi Arabia

"Sustainable agriculture extension programs are mandated worldwide to foster the implementation of sustainable agriculture practices. These required sustainable agriculture extension programs are to be conducted by extension agents, therefore understanding extension agents’ perceptions toward sustainable agriculture is especially important. This research identified the perceptions toward sustainable agriculture of agricultural extension agents in the Riyadh Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The findings show that extension agents generally had a positive perception toward sustainable agriculture concepts. No significant differences between overall means of agents’ perceptions toward sustainable agriculture concepts and their age, rural/urban background, or educational background were found. Extension agents’ positive perceptions regarding sustainable agriculture and the perceived need for providing sustainable agricultural extension programs to farmers provide a basis for sustainable agriculture programs development."
Suaiban S. F. AL-Subaiee, Edger P. Yoder, Joan S. Thomson
Assistant Professor of Agricultural Extension Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Food & Agriculture
Saudi Arabia
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