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Working Group on Broadband and Science: Final Report

Makes 10 policy recommendations to establish broadband connectivity as a basic infrastructure in developing and developed regions: make sustainable and accessible broadband infrastructures for Open Science an investment priority; create robust policies and regulatory frameworks at national, regional, and global levels; refer to broadband e-infrastructures in national research; give high political visibility to research and education networks (RENs); promote affordable and fair access via RENs; RENs should spearhead technological and service innovation; leverage broadband e-infrastructures for public service; support citizen involvement in broadband e-infrastructures; ensure Open Access to data from publicly funded research; and urgently support ICT capacity building initiatives. Reviews the need for e-infrastructures in broadband and science through RENs, particularly in the developing world. Considers global challenges for e-infrastructures in connectivity, interoperability, access, computing, software, and public services. Considers specific challenges for developing countries and the role of NRENs. The annex offers examples of initiatives related to broadband and science such as "virtual imaging laboratories for marker discovery in neurodegenerative diseases."
The Broadband Commission for Digital Development
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Information & Telecommunication
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