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Why We Need ICO Regulation

The article stresses the importance of law as an incentive for society to act responsibly and acceptably. It discusses how legislature were developed in order to fortify the internal or innate moral obligations most people have. In the same strain, it suggests that initial coin offerings (referring to cryptocurrency) are lacking in traditional regulations and as a result suffer from people’s occasional tendencies to act based on personal interests that are morally wrong and are not for the greater good of the community within which the action was taken. Maas, in his article, argues that an obvious and natural solution to many of the cybersecurity issues pertaining to cryptocurrency mining in general, and initial coin offerings specifically, is to choose and adopt a set of rules by which people have to abide. He claims that the cryptocurrency cybersecurity issues can be easily reduced if not eliminated by adopting appropriate and strictly enforced regulations. In his article, Maas details both the advantages and disadvantages of imposing these crypto mining regulations, and concludes with some thoughts on self-regulations within the investor community. c. Key words regulation - blockchain - investors - crypto - law - legal - moral hazards - awareness - government - global/worldwide.
Thijs Maas
Industry Focus: 
Internet & Cyberspace
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