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United States Army Corps of Engineers

The mission of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is to manage and execute engineering, construction, and real estate programs for the US Army and Air Force, and for other federal agencies and foreign governments as assigned; to supervise research and development in support of these programs; to manage and execute Army installation support programs; to develop and maintain capability to mobilize in response to national security emergencies, domestic emergencies, and emergency water planning programs; and to support Army space initiatives. Under the direction and supervision of the Secretary of the Army, through the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works), the Commander has responsibility for investigating, developing and maintaining the nation's water and related environmental resources; constructing and operating projects for navigation, flood control, major drainage, shore and beach restoration and protection, related hydropower development, water supply, water quality control, fish and wildlife conservation and enhancement, and outdoor recreation; responding to emergency relief activities directed by other federal agencies; and administering laws for the protection and preservation of navigable waters, emergency flood control and shore protection. This is an example of an egov initiative.
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