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Internet Governance: Creating Opportunities For All – The Fourth Internet Governance Forum

The theme of the fourth annual meeting in 2009 was “Internet Governance: Creating Opportunities for All”. A strong theme of the proceedings was the role of young people and children in the creation of the information society in respect to the growth of social networks, privacy and data protection, copyright, and illegal content. A key interest was the possible extension of the Forum beyond its original five-year mandate. More participants from developing countries were present than in previous years and the gender balance was also improved. Includes the following research-oriented papers: “Critical Internet Resources: Coping with the Elephant in the Room”, “Openness: Protecting Internet Freedoms”, “Diversity: Achieving an Internet that is Really for All”, “Access: The First and Final Frontier”, “Security: The Key to Trust and Growth of the Internet”, “IG4D: Toward a Development Agenda for Internet Governance”, “Multistakeholderism and the IGF: Laboratory, Clearinghouse, Watchdog”, and “Towards an Internet Governance Network: Why the Format of the IGF is One of its Major Outcomes”. Also includes the full text of the Chairman’s Summary and main session transcripts on critical Internet resources, security, openness, privacy, diversity, access, and the WSIS principles.
IGF, United Nations
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