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Impediments with Policy Interventions to Foster Cybersecurity

This article discusses possible government intervention in cybersecurity through laws and regulations. It also discusses possible individual or organization role in enhancing cybersecurity. The article raises important questions regarding enhancing cybersecurity in general: How much money should be spent on cybersecurity? Should the government or consumers pay for more cybersecurity? It also raises important points about the complexity and difficulty of cybersecurity policies: It is hard to quantify the security of a system and the cost associated with cyber attacks. It is difficult to determine who benefits the most from cybersecurity and by how much. Secure systems are less convenient for users by limiting what software can be run on computers. Cybersecurity can be in contrary to social values such as privacy, openness, freedom, and access to information. All these questions and concerns illustrate the complexity and difficulty of government intervention and investment in cybersecurity. Key words: cybersecurity, government intervention, regulation, incentives, cost, return on investment, trade-offs, user and program authentication, isolation, convenience, societal values, liability, insurance, and deterrence.
Fred B. Schneider
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Information & Telecommunication
Internet & Cyberspace
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