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Global Information Technology Report 2009-2010: ICT for Sustainability

A comprehensive assessment of ICT readiness that covers 133 economies representing over 98 percent of global GDP. Features a collection of essays and case studies on the use of ICTs as an enabler of renewed and sustainable growth in developing and developed countries. The Networked Readiness Index (NRI) provides a methodological framework for stakeholders to identify ICT enabling factors within their respective countries. Includes detailed profiles for each country with global rankings for the 68 NRI indicators. “Part 1: The Networked Readiness of the World in 2009-10, ICT, and Sustainability” focuses on sustainable competitiveness and using ICTs for environmental and economic development. “Part 2: Best Practices in ICT to Foster Growth and Competitiveness: Selected Case Studies” looks at initiatives in Spain, Ireland, Tunisia, and China. Part 3 features country/economy profiles. Part 4 looks at data presentation.
INSEAD, World Economic Forum
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