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Exploring an Explicit Use of the Concept of Sustainability in Transport Planning

This article examines the three facets of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental and apply this to transport planning. The authors utilize SSM to investigate how sustainability concepts can be applied to transport planning in order to make it more beneficial. Indeed, this paper shows that both SSM and CSH are credible methodologies for investigating the ways in which sustainability can be used in transport planning. They examine transport planning both in regards to the process of planning as well as the results of the planning. This paper identifies the process as the first step to creating a content of sustainable transport planning. They discover that sustainable transport planning processes best fit with the highest planning level. However, the actual results from transport planning best suit the lower goal-planning level. They conclude that the government should seek to plan in the highest planning level, but on a community standard, it should be planned with a lower planning level.
Sara Jeppesen
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