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Environmental Innovation and Sustainability Transitions in Regional Studies

A strong conceptual understanding, derived from regional policy programs, entrepreneurial strategies, and citizens movements is critical to examine the difficulties of the sustainability imperative. This paper examines these facets and finds that neither strands of sustainability transitions or regional studies literature in this regard is sufficient to fulfill these aspirations. Based upon the common interest and focus on evolutionary approaches to both regional and industrial development, there is a wide variety of ways for regional and sustainability transition studies to aid one another. The key consideration moving forward in further research is the requirement to be aware of both the historical and spatial contingencies that arise when searching for aid in sustainable production and consumption. This paper examines and identifies vital dimensions regarding both the scale and power that further theoretical and empirical work requires to engage. The approach outlined in this paper is an invitation for other scholars from both regional studies and economic geography to connect and create better concepts and policies and to develop it into a mobilizing project.
Truffer, Bernhard and Coenen, Lars
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Information & Telecommunication
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