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Cyber Operations: The New Balance

Defense Secretary Robert Gates called for an approach to U.S. deterrence policy that resembled Eisenhower’s New Look. An approach to cyber security would find a balance between openness and secrecy. An example would be Paul Baran's digital packet switching concept that created a survivable U.S. nuclear weapon command and control system. After developing the concept, Baran openly published his work, noting that deterrence only works if the enemy knows you have the capability. Thus, enemies must know that the United States possesses technology to lead a devastating cyber attack. Credible deterrence must also include identification and authentication, data hardening and network resiliency, cyber intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and cyber warning and response. Furthermore, U.S. capabilities must be able to destroy the economic base of a country or its civil liberties.
Colonel Stephen W. Korns, USAF
Joint Task Force: Global Network Operations (DoD)
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Information & Telecommunication
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