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The concept of the information-security culture

In “The concept of the information-security culture,” author Astakhova claims that the solution to cybersecurity issues lies in the humanitarian realm, not the technical one. He recommends that cybersecurity efforts do not focus on the tools and hardware of information technology itself but instead focus on the development of a strong information-security culture globally. The article traces the development of the first international calls for such a culture, detailing specific organizations and initiatives that are helping to improve it. It then focuses on the policy goals of cybersecurity culture, including personnel training and widespread awareness-raising efforts among citizens, with an overarching goal of creating societies in which people are intolerant of unlawful cyber-acts. To achieve such a society, Astakhova argues that the world must shift away from the Protection Paradigm (a defensive model) to the more offensive Development Paradigm, thereby forcing citizens to look inwards and establish their own normative goals and priorities. Key Words: Information Security, Culture, Protection Paradigm, Development Paradigm, Ambivalence
L. V. Astakhova
South Ural State University
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