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Broadband for the Global Good

A summary of the key outcomes and conclusions of the Broadband Leadership Summit, which took place in October 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland. The summit focused on the role of broadband in economic growth, trade, and productivity. Emphasizes the benefits of broadband in healthcare, education, transportation, and government services as well as bringing developing countries into the global digital marketplace. Broadband infrastructure must utilize affordable equipment and cheap access. Speakers also discussed boosting growth in broadband, the evolution of the ICT industry and ecosystem, the use of spectrum as a strategic asset as well as its management and government allocation, social media as an agent for social change, the changing role of government in broadband infrastructure, the global online village, and the broadband challenge and targets. Lists the four new broadband targets for making broadband universal and affordable by 2015.
The Broadband Commission for Digital Development
Industry Focus: 
Information & Telecommunication