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The Broadband Challenge

Issued in October 2011 during the Broadband Leadership Summit in Geneva, Switzerland to government leaders, policy-makers, industry leaders, users, and consumers regarding making the global knowledge society inclusive for all. Calls upon governments and businesses to facilitate growth in broadband accessibility and stimulate content production in diverse languages. Reviews the benefits of broadband and recommends policy measures. Lists five action points for meeting the broadband challenge: ensure at least half of the developing world's population and 40% of households in developing countries are using broadband Internet by 2015, develop innovative business models to realize this vision, make broadband policy universal and develop enabling policy and regulatory frameworks to ensure the flourishing of the broadband industry and harness broadband for sustainable human development, develop policies and targets for online health and education at the national level, and stimulate local content production and develop local language services and applications for a fully inclusive and consultative digital world.
The Broadband Commission for Digital Development
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Information & Telecommunication
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