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ACCRA Commitments for WSIS Tunis 2005 (Regional Conference Outcome Document)

The commitments adopted at the Accra International Conference Center in Ghana by the Africa Regional Conference, a group consisting of representatives from African countries, delegates from other countries, and representatives from African and international organizations, the private sector, and civil society, in preparation for the second phase of the WSIS. Key principles include inclusiveness, eradicating poverty, bridging the digital divide, diversity of languages, economic growth, and the construction and maintenance of adequate ICT infrastructure. Development orientations center around sustainable development, the needs of African LDCs, universal and affordable access to ICTs, the adoption of African languages in the public domain, the integration of gender perspective, the role of Africa’s youth, overcoming illiteracy, and the use of media as a catalyst. Human resource training and development concerns focus on youth, women, and illiterate and vulnerable populations. Calls upon international cooperation to assist African countries in implementing a broadband ICT infrastructure. Operational aspects demand the creation of a specific set of basic and composite indicators, a national stock-taking process, national e-strategies, support for the Digital Solidarity Fund, and cooperation with existing Internet governing bodies. Ends with the “Resolution on Financing the Information Society and Bridging the Digital Divide” and the “Resolution on e-strategies”.
WSIS, African Preparatory Conference for the WSIS Accra 2005, African Union, Economic Commission for Africa
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