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A 2010 Leadership Imperative: The Future Built on Broadband

Considers the bottom-up, market-led models of the mobile and Internet revolutions vital in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Urges national governments to establish broadband inclusion for all through market liberalization and adequate radio frequency spectrum availability. Defines broadband as a real-time, always-on, high-capacity, and low latency combined provision of voice, data, and video. Provides a strategic framework for action with recommendations in policy, infrastructure, technology, innovation, content and applications, people, and government. Assesses correlations between broadband and each of the eight MDGs. Considers the impact of broadband beyond the MDGs in areas of climate change, the demography of ageing populations, and the growing cost of healthcare. Offers 10 concrete action points, which cover: connecting broadband with the MDGs and knowledge societies; benefitting from transformational change; using transparent, fair, competitive, technology-neutral models; enabling content and applications creation; employing broadband to help combat climate change; accelerating broadband access for women and girls; supporting wider broadband inclusion for all; broadband modelling, evaluation and monitoring; building a global partnership for broadband development; and next steps for broadband partnerships and projects.
The Broadband Commission for Digital Development
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Information & Telecommunication
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