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Sustainable development management of industrial fruit growing

"Methodical approaches to the organization and management of reproduction processes stability were presented. A specific conceptual apparatus has been developed; it reflects the functional load of a number of concepts and, first of all, fundamental ones, such as system-wide and functional stability, management development of industry production and the sustainability of reproduction processes. The characteristic of the current problems that constrain the sustainable development of industrial fruit growing was given: negative influence of macroeconomic factors, insufficiently effective regulation of fruit and berry products market, lack of considered and systematically realizable varietal, technological and phytosanitary policy, unlimited use when laying plantations of imported varietal planting material and oculants, continuing significant changes in climatic conditions. The main disproportions and imbalances in the reproduction processes organization were established. The dimensionality of resources required for sustainable development was calculated. The main regulators of sustainable development management, methods of bringing the system into a stability state and reproduction efficiency were presented."
Evgeniy Egorov, Zhanna Shadrina, Gayane Kochyan, and Vladimir Kudryakov
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