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Sustainability of Population Growth

With the current rate of population growth, many researchers are worried about the sustainability of ecological basis and how we could manage overpopulation. There are some areas with greater reproductions rates than others, and a theoretical solution could be to migrate those from a higher density countries to lower density countries. For example, families from African countries tend to have an average of 5 children per household while families in Japan have about 1, so were Africans to move to Japan, we could balance populations across the globe. Especially with the trend that less industrialized countries tend to have higher reproduction rates than highly industrialized countries, this move would also be economically beneficial since, for example, Japan's booming economy has a need for more workers since their natural workforce is low. Additionally, there is a worry about the sustainability of African families since they may not have enough resources to cover the health, education, and other needs of all the children. A proposed solution to this issue is to better educate the use of contraceptive measures. This will not only reduce overpopulation, but it will also prevent diseases such as HIV/AIDS.
Wim Couwenberg
Overpopulation awareness
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