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Reducing Peak Electricity Demand through 300MW Wind Farm North of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"The drastic increase in electricity demand over the last decade has been putting a huge burden on the Saudi utility company to plan ahead and guarantee continuous power supply to its customers. Private investments in power generation are being solicited and encouraged to contribute significantly to the power grids and alleviate the burden of meeting the surge in power demand. Jeddah, the second largest city in the Kingdom, is located in the western region, which is a major component of the power grid. Power generation plants in Saudi Arabia are conventional fossil-fuel thermal plants; therefore, the addition of a wind farm north of Jeddah would be greener to Earth, have a significant effect on power generation, and relieve the utility company from a considerable chunk of its peak demand obligation."
Ramzy R. Obaid
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, King Abdul Aziz University
Industry Focus: 
Saudi Arabia
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