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A problem shared is a problem halved:
A survey on the dimensions of collective cyber defense through security information sharing

The cyber world has grown in scale and complexity, arriving at an “interconnectedness” that requires more collaboration and organized efforts. Because more information must be processed, shared to more locations, and in shorter times, information sharing is the central concern for cyber-attack defense. The barrier to information sharing is not only a technical issue, as many people claim it to be, but also an issue of “legal, regulatory and organizational” barriers. Companies and countries are incentivized economically to assemble a more advanced, globalized effort to keep up with increasingly sophisticated attacks. Current and suggested improvements include the use of machine learning to automate and enhance certain technical aspects of cyber-attack defense, adoption of standardized practices among nation-states via open-source/open-web tools, and more data collection on each attack. Key Words: Survey; Cyber security; Information sharing; Cyber incident reporting; Organizational aspects; Standardization; ICT; CERTS; CIRTS; ENISA; P2P; CIP;
Florian Skopik, Giuseppe Settanni, Roman Fiedler
Industry Focus: 
Information & Telecommunication
Internet & Cyberspace