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Power/Freedom on the dark web: A digital ethnography of the Dark Web Social Network

This article provides an interesting look at the benefits of the Dark Web, specifically the Dar Web Social Network (DWSN). The Dark Web is frequently associated with illegal and harmful activities, which flourish in this space due to the anonymity provided by TOR and the supporting websites and services that have come from it. However, the DWSN uses this anonymity for the purpose of social networking anonymously, which was a popular form of Internet communication before Facebook, Twitter, and the like put faces and names on accounts. Clearly, this can be a negative in some cases, and there is a fear of the spreading of illicit material such as child pornography. However, for the most part, they have found the DWSN to be self-policing. In addition, the article explores how the fact that the DWSN can only be accessed through services like TOR inherently limits the number of users and spreads a concept of techno-elitism, where the hackers and coders enjoy this gatekeeping, and a distinct culture is built around this.
Robert Gehl
SAGE journals
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Internet & Cyberspace
United States