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The Path towards Healthcare Sustainability: The Role of Organisational Commitment

The demand for quality healthcare service has been increasing due to consumer awareness on the importance of health and quality of life. The mushrooming of healthcare institutes has further forced these organisations to relook, design and formulate strategies that is able to fulfil not only customers’ but also other stakeholders’ demand. Hence, in order to stay competitive in the industry, healthcare institutes need to further ensure that proven strategies are sustained and continued in its implementation in long term until a better strategy is introduced. Past studies has indicated various dimensions that influence healthcare sustainability. These dimensions such as training and mentoring, leadership that leads to retention and satisfaction, effective management practices, the readiness to adapt, and the willingness to collaborate are related to human behaviours or attitudes. However, study on one of important human attitude, organisational commitment, and its role in healthcare sustainability is still lacking. This study tends to provide the basis that indicates the role of organisational commitment on healthcare sustainability. The study will provide a good platform in future study where an empirical study can be conducted.
Choon Yih Goh, Malliga Marimuthu
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Service Sector