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Modern processes of regional economic integration of Ukraine in the context of sustainable development

"Ensuring economic sustainable development in difficult political and economic conditions is one of the priority tasks for Ukraine. It is forced to reorient the vector of foreign economic cooperation, in particular, the integration formations of the European Union. The aim of the article is to study the development of the processes of regional integration of Ukraine to ensure sustainable economic development, as well as determine the priority direction of its regional integration. The role of Ukraine in the processes of economic integration at the present stage of development is analyzed. Based on the analysis of the current state and development features of the EU and Ukraine, the prospects for the activation of its participation in integration processes, namely entry into the EU, are substantiated. By analysis, the domestic market of Ukraine, the general state of development and its place in the world market are investigated. As a result, the features and barriers of Ukraine’s European integration and ways to address them were identified, as well as an attempt was made to identify the main areas of cooperation and ways to improve economic relations between Ukraine and the EU."
Vitalina Babenko
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