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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is a leading company in the Scientific, Technical, and Medical knowledge and information industry. We are known for authoritative international publications in cutting-edge basic and translational biomedical research, with expanding scope in engineering, business, environment, and legal publications. These publications play an active and important role in advancing critical research and facilitating collaboration throughout the world in academia, industry, and government, and are also highly respected resources for legislators, policy makers, and educators. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. invests substantially in technology-enabled content delivery systems and solutions to maximize the promise of global scientific exchange, and embraces new publishing models. The information industry is evolving rapidly and new technologies provide new challenges and opportunities. We have seen enormous uptake in our online content usage around the world, and we remain committed to driving innovation in delivering relevant, must-have information in multiple media formats. Specialties: STM Publishing & Peer Reviewed Journals, Biomedical research & life sciences, Clinical medicine and surgery, Alternative & complementary medicine, Election, Environmental & Other Legal Issues, Philanthropy & Planned Giving, Environmental Science & Sustainability
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
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