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Making Cyberspace Towards Sustainability A Scientometric Review for a Cyberspace that Enables Green and Digital Transformation

"Green and Digital Transformation, using digital technologies for green and inclusive development, has become the main agenda for both policy-makers and researchers. European Union (EU), for instance, has targeted the twin transition towards a green and digital economy by proposing a European Green Deal, guiding its investment and planning on the industrial applications using digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud and Internet of Things. While some work has been conducted to examine the digital transformation of different industries, no systematic review has been conducted to analyze the research fronts on the topic of green and digital transformation. With the purpose to layout an overall roadmap for industries and research, a scientometric study was conducted to map out the evolution, main journals, authors and keywords, thereby providing policy and research suggestions for science and technology innovations. This scientometric report on green and digital transformation, with its core value in summarizing scientific literature data using data science and machine learning techniques, provides timely accessible visualization for policy-makers, innovators and researchers evidence-based insights to make better decisions. Future research can build upon the preliminary findings here for the methodological, information and research need for tracking the development of green and digital transformation, so as to produce better strategic foresight."
Zijia Wang
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Internet & Cyberspace