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Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity: Executive Order 2013

This paper, an executive order by President Obama in February of 2014, outlines an effort that the White House hopes will improve the cybersecurity of U.S. critical infrastructure (CI). This executive order comes in response to a lack of significant legislative efforts in both the 112th and 113th congress regarding cybersecurity. The main intention of the order is to enhance security and resiliency of CI through collaborative efforts involving federal agencies as well as owners/operators of privately owned CI, all while using existing federal regulatory authorities. Considered to be posing a significant threat to the cybersecurity of CI assets are cyberterrorists, cyberspies, cybertheives, cyberwarriors, and cyberhackivists. The order proposes several solutions that could aid in the fixing of some of these problems within the United States.
Barack Obama, Office of the Press Secretary of the White House
United States Government: Executive Branch
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Internet & Cyberspace
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