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A Guide to the Formulation of Water Resources Strategy

"This volume outlines the process of formulating a water resources management strategy. It is intended for decision-makers in developing countries. The process that is outlined, while drawn from experience, is general; moreover, it can be used for regional, national, or international strategy formulation. Going through the process of formulating a water resources strategy can contribute to a country's ability or capacity to manage its water resources. The process outlined in this volume incorporates the elements of comprehensive or "holistic" water resources management that have been endorsed by numerous international conferences. These elements include: a) institutional and human resources issues (including laws, regulations, and organizations); b) the development of adequate information systems; c) the participation of those concerned with or having an interest in water resources - "stakeholders" - in the strategy formulation process; d) the use of economic principles (including cost-recovery) in water resources management; e) consideration of the environmental and public health aspects of water resources management; and f) working with other countries or regions to manage international resources successfully."
Le Moinge, Guy; Subramanian, Ashok K.; Xie, Mei; Giltner, Sandra
The World Bank
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