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Growing Greener Cities: Mexico City

As one of the world’s largest and most populated urban agglomerations, land in Mexico City is highly prized. Much of this land is protected from urbanization, under what is known as the “suelo de conservación.” But residential land is becoming harder to find, leading to people living in squatter settlements in this conserved area, and in other areas of Mexico City. Though the conservation effort aims to safeguard vital ecosystem services in the area, the government is “promoting ecosystem-based agriculture,” located in rural areas, and food production centers in the city itself. Still, challenges face this ecosystem-based agriculture. There are only two boroughs that have permanent water for irrigation, and this water is drawn twice as fast as it can be replenished. Still, the sustainable actions on behalf of the government and the community aim to help relieve these areas of agricultural demand. Spaces for organic vegetables in the city center, and green roofs on school, museums, and corporate buildings are some examples of these efforts.
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