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Energy and exergy use in the industrial sector of Saudi Arabia

"This paper deals with the analysis of energy and exergy utilization in the industrial sector of Saudi Arabia by considering the sectoral energy and exergy flows for a period of 12 years from 1990 to 2001. Oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, iron and steel, and cement are identified as the four essential subsectors in the industrial sector. Sectoral energy and exergy analyses are conducted to study the variations of energy and exergy efficiencies for each subsector throughout the years, and these heating and overall energy and exergy efficiencies are compared for the four subsectors. In this regard, an example illustration is presented for the year 2000. The chemical and petrochemical subsector appears to be the most energy-efficient sector, and the iron and steel subsector the most exergy-efficient one. A comparison of the overall energy and exergy efficiencies of the Saudi Arabian industrial sector with the Turkish industrial sector is also presented for the year 1993. Although the sectoral coverage is different for each country, it is still useful to illustrate the situation on how sectoral energy and exergy efficiencies vary. The Turkish industrial sector appears to be more efficient for that particular year. It is believed that the technique presented here is a useful tool for analysing sectoral and subsectoral energy and exergy utilization. Such energy and exergy studies help a country to identify major losses and to determine the true magnitudes of these losses."
I Dincer, M. M. Hussain, Al-Zaharnah
KFUPM Department of Mechanical Engineering Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Industry Focus: 
Extraction & Processing
Saudi Arabia
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