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Creating a Culture of Enterprise Cybersecurity

In class we spent much time discussing the vulnerabilities of corporations enabling them to more easily be victims of cyberattacks. We also discussed at length through many different lectures the place cybersecurity has in the workplace and public hierarchy – in particularly who cybersecurity should report to. I think this concept of culture is particularly relevant to course, as it revolves around the notion that cybersecurity is inherently a human topic, with human actors and plays – victims and criminals. I think the idea that such attacks could be mitigated by simply establish and maintaining a culture of safety and understanding is a very amicable and interesting way of solving complex problems and it is highly interdisciplinary as it revolves around tech but also humanities and the science of people. Key Words SECURITY, TRUST, CULTIURE, BUSINESS, PEOPLE, SAFETY
Allen W. Batteau
Wayne State University
Domains-Issue Area: 
Industry Focus: 
Internet & Cyberspace
United States