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Biotechnology for Sustainable Growth and Development

"Life science research and biotechnology are delivering on better outcomes for health, the environment, and for industrial, agricultural and energy production. Working together, OECD countries have the opportunity to optimise the contribution that life sciences and biotechnology can make as a driver for sustainable growth and development. Growth must meet the economic, environmental and societal needs of countries. Concerted efforts, involving public and private sectors, are required to remove inappropriate barriers and provide opportunities for the transition to a more biobased economy. Continued investment is required by the public and private sectors in the basic research and development that will underpin innovation, as well as on delivery of clear and consistent policy signals to innovators. A strong scientific infrastructure is necessary to underpin the contribution that biotechnology can make and high-quality biological resource centres (BRCs) will be an essential element of such an infrastructure. Appropriate safeguards to society must keep pace with scientific and technological advances in biotechnology. Continued international effort is necessary to deliver on the full potential for life sciences and biotechnology to help drive sustainable growth and development. The OECD should strengthen its contribution to work on biotechnology as a driver for sustainable growth, focusing on the issues identified and conclusions reached in this paper."
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
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