Mapping Sustainability


Mapping Sustainability:
e-Networking & and Value Chain (2007)


New ways of looking at ‘sustainable development’ in integrated and holistic terms, exploring knowledge and knowledge-management of sustainability.

The focus is on three interdependent research initiatives designed to facilitate the management of transitions toward sustainable development. First, mapping sustainability as a knowledge domain, second, contributing to the development of global knowledge e-networking and extending the knowledge value chain, and third, exploring new methods to expand our knowledge and to improve e-networking practices. While the activities differ in nature, scale and scope, they are highly interconnected. It is our hope that, jointly, they will contribute to our common quest for a sustainable future. 

The central theme of this book, connecting its different parts, is about ways of transcending critical barriers to the effective use of knowledge and e-networking. Of special relevance is the development of new approaches to the provision and transmission of knowledge – from local sources to global networks and from global sources to local networks. In many ways, this is a book of theory and methods, as well as policy and performance.