What is GSSD?

GSSD Mission

Our overall mission is to:

A. Facilitate selection and diffusion of peer-reviewed knowledge about sustainability, while signaling cutting-edge analysis, innovative technologies, and multidisciplinary knowledge; 

B. Enhance knowledge sharing through customized search engines, operating on a quality-controlled multilingual knowledge system to track sustainability issues, technology policy, and strategy options; 

C. Reduce barriers to sustainability-related knowledge by supporting multilingual versions. 

Specific Objectives:

1. Conceptual and Scientific

  • Improve understanding of sustainability issues
  • Contribute to the formation of system-wide sustainability models
  • Facilitate access to cutting edge research

2. Participation and Communication

  • Support integrated perspectives on sustainability
  • Represent diverse perspectives and differing priorities
  • Contribute to sustainability research and education

3. Policy and Decision

  • Enhance analytical and computational methods to support policy choices
  • Explore alternative pathways toward sustainability
  • Identify trade-offs, policies, and choices

4. International Collaboration

  • Pursue strategic international collaboration
  • Identify points of synergy among international initiatives