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Understanding China’s AI Strategy: Clues to Chinese Strategic Thinking on Artificial Intelligence and National Security

Allen performs a wonderful job of summarizing the current state of cybersecurity policy in China, especially as it relates to Artificial Intelligence. He, through fifteen key points, dissects China’s stance on institutional support for Artificial Intelligence, popular support, the war for top talent, and the crucial battle for compute resources to fuel the competition. Most importantly, as a Computer Scientist, I felt as if he demonstrated both an excellent grasp of the underlying technical concepts while brilliantly intertwining the sociopolitical factors of AI in China’s public policy. I would take away that China has done an excellent job of institutionally supporting Artificial Intelligence from the top down, as opposed to the bottom up, as is happening in its western counterparts. With both a wide variety of funding, to ensuring that private companies have access to the proper talent pool necessary, China has understood that maintaining superiority in AI is vital in the 21st century. Lastly, while demonstrating world leadership against the use of AI-powered weaponry, China exceeds in developing their own weaponry and simultaneously denouncing others who do the same.
Gregory C. Allen
Center for a New American Security (CNAS)
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Internet & Cyberspace