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Sustainable Urbanization

Cities are at the forefront of global socio-economic change. Globalization and democratization are an important part of sustainable development. Half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas and the other half increasingly depend upon cities for economic, social, cultural and political progress. In cities, education policies must typically serve highly diverse populations. Providing education for all – in particular girls, persons with disabilities, migrants, the poor and the marginalized – is a complex exercise requiring effective public services and the collaboration of numerous partners. Learning to live together sustainably in cities is one of the most important educational challenges of our time. This requires a focus on: Creating a quality learning and educational environment that promotes sustainability; Providing lifelong learning opportunities in cities; Teaching tolerance and mutual understanding in urban societies; Enabling children and youth to learn to live and participate in urban life; Enhancing learning to create inclusive societies in inclusive cities; Developing learning in all its diverse forms.
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