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Sustainable Electric Strategies for the 21st Century/Strategic Electric Sector Assessment Methodology under Uncertain Conditions --Start-up (SESAMS-SUP)

Part I: The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the usefulness of examining alternative electric sector strategies in support of a policy dialogue which incorporates long-term sustainability criteria as well as nearer-term issues related to technology use and development and industry structure. The full-scale SESAMS project envisions performing evaluations for different regions in the world regarding climate change, near-term economic development, and long-term sustainable development. SESAMS research will not only address sustainability-related issues but will also link such long-term topics with nearer term concerns such as electric sector liberalization and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, which currently dominate many policy debates. Part II seeks to develop the fundamental strategic analytic capabilities necessary to identify the sustainable production and use of electricity over the next several decades, primarily through the integration of existing and innovative models and analytic approaches as well as those currently under development. In addition to the integration of the requisite models, existing and newly developed databases, performance attributes relevant to sustainable energy production and use, will also be developed and refined.
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