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Survey of Common Practices in Sustainable Aerospace Manufacturing for the Purpose of Driving Future Research

"This paper reports on a survey taken of common practices in the aerospace manufacturing industry with respect to environmental stewardship and sustainable manufacturing. This review identifies several major elements with respect to sustainable manufacturing and organizes them into two groups: manufacturing related and facility related. Manufacturing related activities are subdivided into four categories: product modification, product improvement, process modification, and process improvement. Facility activities are subdivided into two groups: regulatory and general. The purpose of this review is to establish what common practices are with respect to sustainable manufacturing so that it can aid in the identification of less or uncommon practices. Identifying such practices is expected to help drive and guide future research efforts by preventing repetition of work and redundant efforts. This review identifies several gaps in current practices and provides a plan for future research addressing these gaps."
Yuriy Romaniw, Bert Bras
Georgia Institute of Technology
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United States
Case Studies