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March 2018 Cyber Attacks Statistics

The number of attacks continues to grow: this fortnight saw the largest DDoS attack ever (hitting the staggering 1.7 Tbps) against an unnamed US ISP, and also saw the video games industry under the spot with two events targeting NIS America and Fortnite. Massive operations aimed to mine cryptocurrency are also another important trend of this beginning of 2018: Dofoil, Combojack, RedisWannaMine (are you familiar with this name?), an attack to yet another cryptocurrency trader (Binance), are just few examples of the events recorded in this period (but if you scroll the list you will find many more). State sponsored actors were also very active: browse the timeline and you will find multiple operations carried on by the likes of Slingshot, APT15, APT32, MuddyWater, Dragonfly, Hidden Cobra, and the usual suspect APT 28 (AKA Fancy Bear). Last but not least, events characterized by hacktivism confirm their decreasing trend with the exception of Italy where the local branch of the Anonymous leaked a trove of emails from the Italian Ministry of Education.
Paolo Passeri
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Internet & Cyberspace