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How Will Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Impact Cyber Security?”

This is a very brief overview of where artificial intelligence might take us in the field of cybersecurity, but I believe it hits all of the major points in a way that other similar articles do not. Of course, it mentions how enterprises have already begun to deploy artificial intelligence especially in tasks like automatic threat detection. This shows that companies are not only willing to trust AI, but to also trust it with the burden of cybersecurity. However, this article briefly touches on two specific risks of entrusting artificial intelligence with cybersecurity. First is that these technologies are increasingly dependent on outside services to work. For example, it is expensive and technically difficult to deploy one’s own AI platform as well as the processing power to learn from a huge amount of data. Luckily, you can just rent server space from Amazon which is known as “the cloud.” However, as the article points out, the more services you use, the more points there are for hackers to exploit and gain access to. The second risk, which I have never seen reported, is that hackers themselves may creatively use AI to automate their attacks. Considering that most AI algorithms are “black boxes” (meaning there is little understanding to how they work so effectively) this could be a disastrous and almost unstoppable hack. Key Words: Artificial intelligence, machine learning
Kris Lahiri
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