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NGO that has developed an industrial ship especially for applications in LDCs, that uses no fuel, yet has unlimited range and is certified for access into any port. We have made appropriate design the priority, and expect these ships to have a large impact on development infrastructure, climate resilience, poverty abatement, and no small impact on green maritime technology and trade possibilities for developing states. It is a simple design that uses sails and solar electric, and it is not patented nor protected in any way in order to facilitate dissemination and expedite deployment. We have been working towards getting a first ship in the water for trials and demonstrations, but the reaction from many sectors is that these ships are needed in larger numbers as soon as possible. We have been answering inquiries from developing states, industry, and institutional actors, and we expect the demand to continue to grow. Specifically, these open-source ships add unique features to the world's fleet: versatility in the face of rising sea levels -- they are shallow, beach-landing, need no port infrastructure, handle their own cargo fuel independence -- Use cloth sail and solar power for renewable energy power, produce electricity even when idle low cost -- designed for LDC applications, no patents or licensing fees, minimum moving parts and maintenance simplicity -- manual and electric systems only, proven technologies only, easy scalability -- less than €500,000 per ship, affordable as alternative coastal infrastructure, long range fishing, etc. Multi-use -- the same ship can be used for cargo, fishing, ferry, patrol and ecotourism, and as a small solar power plant when idle.
Jennifer Teeter
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