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Green marketing strategies: an examination of stakeholders and the opportunities they present

"As green marketing strategies become increasingly more important to firms adhering to a triple-bottom line performance evaluation, the present research seeks to better understand the role of “green” as a marketing strategy. Through an integration of the marketing, management,and operations literatures, an investigative framework is generated that identifies the various stakeholders potentially impacted through the environmentally friendly efforts of a firm. Specifically, the inter-connected nature of the core business disciplines of marketing, management (both strategy and human resources), and operations are examined as controllable functions within an organization from which strategies can be enacted to affect a firm’s stakeholders. The prior research in these areas is examined to identify potential research opportunities in marketing while also offering a series of representative research questions that can help guide future research in marketing."
J. Joseph Cronin, Jr ,Jeffery S. Smith ,Mark R. Gleim , Edward Ramirez , Jennifer Dawn Martinez
The Florida State University, University of Texas, University of Memphis
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