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Energy from the Forest (ENFOR)

"The ENFOR program, in effect since 1978, is reviewed in light of its objectives and accomplishments. ENFOR has made a difference in forest science and our knowledge and understanding of forest biomass production and the technology to increase the use of forest bioenergy. ENFOR successes include the Forest Biomass Inventory of Canada; the FORCYTE Model; the understanding of whole-tree harvesting/nutrient cycling; the Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forest Sector; and the development and testing of species, clones, and production technologies for energy plantations. The promotion of the program through various types of technology transfer in the field is a major success. ENFOR and its successor programs will strive for closer cooperation and integration of forest bioenergy activities and energy delivery systems, which should increase the supply of forest biomass while contributing to the reduction of environmental stress."
Natural Resources Canada
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