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The Electricity Association

The work of the Electricity Association, collective voice of the major electricity companies in the UK, is part of a complex network of interdependent factors, all of which contribute to the relationship between the companies and their stakeholders. Much of the Association's day-to-day activity is concerned with the important but unsung details of electricity supply - engineering matters of a detailed and esoteric nature; the way the industry deals with its human relations and with the training needs of staff; its reactions to environmental concerns; how it handles the variety of outside influences which seek to pull it in different directions. The EA closed on September 30, 2003 and was replaced by three industry bodies: the Association of Electricity Producers, Energy Networks Association, and Energy Retail Association. In April 2012, the Association of Electricity Producers merged with the Energy Retail Association and the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy to become Energy UK.
Energy UK
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