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Can AI Become Our New Cybersecurity Sheriff?

Though the concerns about cyberattacks are ever-increasing in today’s world, the emerging technology of artificial intelligence can be mobilized to combat these threats. First, biometric logins into secure systems can be made more reliable with artificial intelligence, as they are more accurate than typical passwords. Next, AI systems can be trained to identify and notify users of malicious activities immediately, or even preemptively. Additionally, natural language processing technology, powered by artificial intelligence, can be configured to scan new research and identify important information regarding cybersecurity for experts to use in their implementation. Finally, as major companies operate on a global scale, AI can be used to provide access privileges based on a user’s location and network, therefore making data more secure. However, there are limiting factors to using AI in cybersecurity, such as the immense required expertise and computing power, as well as the ability of hackers to leverage the same technologies in their attacks. Therefore, organizations must hire experienced cybersecurity professionals and carefully plan their cyber defense strategies to account for these limitations. As artificial intelligence becomes more mainstream in today’s world, its utilization in cybersecurity strategies will become necessary, and even unavoidable.
Naveen Joshi
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Internet & Cyberspace