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Building Sustainability Knowledge in the Arab World Using the Global System For Sustainable Development

"Building knowledge in the Arab World is essential to economic growth, prosperity , and sustainable development. Knowledge is the key instrument of human develop end which creates the constituents of material and moral welfare, in addition to promoting economic growth and social progress. For instance, digital knowledge e, or knowledge on the internet, is dramatically growing worldwide. Internet as part of ICT is considered a dramatically important aspect of knowledge. ICT is one of the highest contributors to world GDP growths, job creation, and productivity enhancement. Hence, ICT in general, and internet in particular, can be considered a reflection of the sustainable development knowledge and it can best contribute to sustainable development. The objective of this project is to investigate and build sustainability knowledge on the Web about the Arab World. In addition, the knowledge will be collected and entered into the Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD) in order to manage the dissemination of that knowledge regionally and globally. The research will also seek to investigate the knowledge level about sustainable development in the Arab world that exists on the web through conducting statistics, and performing statistical analysis. Throughout the thesis, it is discovered that there is a thirst for digital sustainability knowledge in the Arab world. So for Arab countries to accelerate the transformation to ICT, knowledge, and sustainable development societies, they need to establish effective motivation and management schemes. Methods for future progress, ways for the diffusion and adjustment of sustainable development and means for knowledge foundation are discussed throughout this thesis. Thus overall, the thesis examines digital sustainability knowledge in the Arab world through conducting a full research about sustainable development websites about the Arab countries, builds knowledge on the Web for a global benefit, and in order to make more benefit from the knowledge built, statistics about sustainability knowledge is performed for the Arab countries and result analysis is conducted."
Dania Mohammad Noamani
American University of Beirut
Industry Focus: 
Information & Telecommunication
Internet & Cyberspace