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The Private Sector: A Reluctant Partner in Cybersecurity

The article unpacks the assumption that the private sector would self-strengthen cybersecurity measures in its own interest. The article establishes that this is not so much the case and identifies the obstacles that stand in the way of enhanced cybersecurity in the private sector. The author, in fact, clarifies the tendency of the private sector to err on the side of lesser stringent methods for business and ideological reasons. He, therefore, discusses possible incentives for the private sector to invest in more stringent cybersecurity measures. He emphasizes the reliant nature of the public sector’s relationship with the private sector and adds nuances such as the opinion that such a relationship is “poorly forged and critically important”. To crystallize the importance of greater regulation of cybersecurity in the private sector, Etzioni connects cybersecurity to tangible financial and material losses and addresses concerns such as “economic espionage” among others. Key Words: Kinetic form, economic espionage, faith-based cybersecurity, negative externalities, unfunded mandates, “maritime stakeholders”
Input By: 
Huzaifa Ejaz
Domains-Issue Area: 
Case Studies