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Digital Diplomacy: In China, the Tech Industry Does What Washington Can't

China is trying to woo technology companies instead of the legislative bodies of our Government. Both Tech Communities and the US Government have been reluctant to conduct business with China because of its stance on intellectual property and privacy right but Tech Companies have recently started to fill the diplomatic void between both countries, especially in economic and cybersecurity issues. During the Obama presidency, China and the US announced a cybersecurity pact, in which both sides agreed to stop launching cyberattacks aimed at stealing intellectual property and would work together on "international rules of the road for appropriate conduct in cyberspace." However, whereas the US Government and China have ceased to understand each other, Tech companies are not unhindered by entrenched ideologies and interests and are more open to dialogue. Tech Companies as such will be able to have a great impact on US-China cyber-relations.
Rebecca Liao
Foreign Affairs
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Celine Christory
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Internet & Cyberspace
China, U.S.